J/T Hydraulics & Service Co., Inc. has been a Donaldson filter distributor since 1986, when Donaldson Company appointed us the first hydraulic distributor in Texas. We're now their largest stocking hydraulic distributor in the country. In 1988 we were appointed Velcon's Industrial and Electric Utility distributor for the state of Texas. Velcon was recently bought by Parker Hannifin but we still serve our ongoing customer base while seeking more opportunities for water removal filtration, which is Velcon's claim to fame. In 1990 we were appointed a local distributor of Internormen filters. While Eaton recently bought Internormen, we continue to actively sell the complete Internormen product line. This includes stainless steel housings and both low pressure and high pressure duplex assemblies. Our other product lines are listed below.

We're an authorized distributor for all of our lines, but we're not your only choice. We know this, and we're proud to compete for your business. We know what we sell, and we know availability, whether it's on our shelf, or stock at the factory.

We don't reside in a fancy warehouse park. We get along just fine on desk top PC's. And there are just four of us in sales, enough to get the job done, but not too many to get in each others way. The other point here is that we compete on price just as much as we do on delivery and product knowledge.

Give us a call. We've been good at this for a while now, and there's no reason we won't do good for you too.


Roger Lang


We are an authorized distributor for the following product lines:

Click here for BOFA Fume Extraction homepageBOFA s a world leader in fume extraction technology. Recently BOFA was acquired by Donaldson Co. and has been in the process of appointing local distributors. BOFA is represented in Texas and surrounding states by J/T Hydraulics & Servce Co. For online product review, and direct online ordering, please go to www.fume-extraction-bofa.com
Application assistance is available upon request and we will gladly come to your location to confirm our recommendation.

Click here for Donaldson Company, Inc. homepageJ/T Hydraulics & Service Co. is one of Donaldson® Company's premier distributors for their Industrial Hydraulic Filter Division. We also represent their Aftermarket products Division of air, fuel and lube filter elements. We maintain the largest distributor hydraulic inventory under one roof, second only to the Donaldson factory warehouses in Indiana and California. We ship filters and accessories the same day from our warehouse, or from Donaldson, depending on the proximity, stock, and time of day. Application assistance on the entire Donaldson product line is available from our inside sales staff.

Click here for Donaldson Industrial Hydraulics homepageDonaldson acquired LHA in 2005. LHA is a manufacturer of hydraulic filters and accessories. For LHA part number cross reference, please call for the new Donaldson number.

Click here for Western Filter homepageWestern Filter division is an expert in the design of complex liquid manifolds and the development and production of liquid filtration systems for hydraulic, oil and fuel in the aerospace and defense industries. Western Filter has joined the Donaldson team of filtration experts.

Click here for Donaldson Industrial Hydraulics homepageDonaldson is the authorized distributor for EPE Eppensteiner hydraulic filters in North America. For EPE part number cross reference, please call for the new Donaldson number.

Click here for Velcon Filters homepageVelcon Filters is well known for their Aquacon® filter media which will remove water from hydraulic and lube oils and various types of fuels. Velcon's latest breakthrough technology is their SuperDri® filter media which will remove dissolved water from insulation oils found in transformers and other electrical apparatus. Velcon's Systems Division builds filters systems for various applications incorporating many filter medias.

Click here for Internormen Filter Inc. homepageInternormen Filters is highly regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic filter assemblies and elements. Within their complete range of filter assemblies, they offer high and low pressure duplex assemblies, stainless steel filter assemblies and high volume pressure assemblies to 260gpm and 6000psi.

Click here for Filtration Products Corp. homepageFiltration Products Corp. is an expert company in low pressure spin on filter assemblies from 1/4" to 2" double element assemblies.

Click here for ZSI CushAClamps homepageZSI Inc. is a manufacturer of cushion clamp hardware, best known for their trademark product line, CushAClamp. In addition to this channel mount cushion clamp line, they offer a U-bolt style clamp line for the most heavy duty applications, a weld plate cushion clamp interchangeable with all other manufacturers of the same, and they have various other lighter duty clamp product lines.

Click here for American Industrial Heat Transfer homepageAmerican Industrial Heat Transfer is a manufacturer of shell & tube and air blast style heat exchangers typically used in hydraulic systems.